Mr. Tejas Chokshi

Mr. Tejas Chokshi an Ex-banker India skilled Chartered Accountant almost a decade expertise in consulting, Finance, Core Content Knowledge and Deployment thereof in Banking Domain, is no wall set to educate,to analyze, scrutiny and appraise both Bankers as well as Corporate members to understand changed scenario of Economies in Banking and Countries need in and at different segments of both man and manner within its reach.
Mr.Tejas Chokshi has translated both customer's end requirement and their banking needs in most suitable structured manner in banks policy decision making process in mutual benefit. A man who understands the need of client can best advice on result oriented solutions to be evolved in best banking interest. He, who understands lacunae can only, evolves transition as chain reaction in due course.

Mrs. Rachana Chokshi

Mrs. Rachana Chokshi armed with M.Phil in Finance is a leading key factor for finance and human resource is an efficient visionary financial and corporate culture analyst in changing global economies, has successfully manovered growth oriented skill management in many corporates of repute . Being decade old experienced expertise in reinforcing capabilities in skilled lacunae in diversified domain in corporates, has an hawk eye notch to focus on key issues pertaining to overall growth oriented functioning and have an edge over the competitors.
Practicing in HR Domain to abide right choice for the positions imparts a great vision for an on job skill requirement and to fathom the needs and skill on individuals is to value in relationship constantly maintaining high quality and integrity amongst clientele. Understanding the skill need and domain expertise, to cultivate habitual proceedings in daily chore through training sessions.