The Learning Edge

Our initiative is to groom banking personnel with adequate skill and knowledge in an endeavour to develop talent-pool of world class BFSI professionals for organizations to enable them to provide better service to their customer and compete on global level.
Fundamental challenge for any organization is to organize such training and developmental activities to constantly fine-tune their employees, who are spread over large geographical area. No matter how rich an organization may be in skill or experience, it cannot do it all, as it is not its core business activity. Hence, to seize the opportunity backed by our team of bankers and chartered accountant and their deep experience in banking and recruitment in financial domain we initiated EDGEWISE TRAINING SOLUTIONS to partner banks and financial institution, to develop customized solution for their training needs.
Moreover, our initiative is not limited to bring transformation in delivering system of training but re-engineerize the whole training process and approach leveraging technology to driveout optimized effort from employees.
“The objective is to deliver high impact training that will raise the bottom line by increasing productivity.”