How We Work?

Analysis : At first,we

  • Establish understanding of business organization,its structure and culture.
  • Analys is need of training.
  • Review current training system.
  • Skill mapping analysis

Devise : After analysis, we

  • Design project plan,its scope and schedule.
  • Address skill gaps and design ways of over come.
  • Design modules and less on plan & objective.
  • (Chapter wise break-up, content coverage, evaluation criteria, duration, type of activities for each learning unit)

Develop : After project plan is approved by the client, we

  • Develop and design the core content of courseware, considering best blend of conceptual and experiential learning.
  • Develop a prototype.

Deliver : After the client approves the prototype, we

  • Upload the courseware on cloud(LMS).
  • Test check the process.
  • Create and register users Id of individuals / managers nominated by HR.
  • Contact nominees approved by HR and give them induction about new training program.
  • Start the program.
  • Manage it effectively till the successful completion.

Evaluate : We follow most popular and widely used model of Donald Patrick's four levels of training effectiveness evaluation.

  • Reaction - how the learners felt about the learning experience
  • Learning - what has been the increase in knowledge due to the program (measuring knowledge / skill levels before and after)
  • Behavior - the extent of learning from the training applied on the job or the type of behavior changes in the individual as a result of training
  • Results - the effect on the business environment resulting from the trainee's performance after the training inputs