About us
Edgewise is an accelerating knowledge transfer organization specializing in the delivery of training, acquisition of knowledge and building of requisite skills for existing and ready to be absorbed BFSI professional, who are witnessing recent technological advancements and changes in attitude & approach in this sector.
Edgewise with an intention of innovative path wisdom to improve, challenge and increase constantly has dared to fathom in the dearth of talent pool for both domestic and global financial banking fraternity in present and near future needs.
At Edgewise, we are committed to delivering solutions tailored to unique learning need of organization. We specialize in providing result oriented user centric learning in skill upgradation to become an added hand for growth promising attitude.


To become catalyzing accelerator in wisdom transfer increased efficacy and value addition growth promising positive attitude in employer-employee relationship in building talent pool.


Edgewise envisages being supportive organization –naming to analyze the skillset gap, provide innovative technological positive transformatory solution for on job or fresh talent increase to bridge the supply and demand in cost effective, edge sharp competitive and effective trustworthy manner in financial fraternity.