Why Edgewise - Edgewise
Why Edgewise
Edgewise equipped with specialized financial outsourcing customized cost effective - efficient trusted accountants to partner as on-hand service provider. Outsourcing in-house functioning of finance related jobs to put contracting out either domestic or foreign specialized financial advisers/consultants resulting savings in resource and time thus enabling their focus on their core business more efficiently and ease routine functions, expert knowledge and functioning authoritative compliance, foreseeing budgetary control and financial controls in real-time frame work is the key of success in positive direction.
Availability of specially qualified personal to manage, methodical control, inspection and feedback ensuring data security, confidentiality control and check at functional receipt and generated information.

How we work?

In order to understand clients need, nature of business and the extent of service to be rendered, Edgewise set an exhaustive methodology to cater the need of the client in the most efficient manner.We follow the below
Establish - Business Nautre and culture of client-Process Mapping
Devise - Extent of service to cater
Groom - Advising methodology, expertise and compliance end solution solicited
Expediate - Data collection to bookkeeping and accounting phasewise in mutually agreed software to furnish information.
Working Schedule - To follow daily, weekly, monthly and annual reporting system to augment timely compliance schedule.
Information Delivery - To cater desired information to Management, advise variance and flow statement for better financial Health of client.
Sure & Secure - Data security, derisking and manage safe passage of documents to and fro clients.
Ensure - Progressive growth acceleration, excellence in meaningful reporting and trouble shooting remedy (avoiding penalty, claim settlement, refund bonus etc) if asked for.
Linguistic and functional expertise to cope up with end users experienced demand is a constant ongoing process in house at Edgewise makes it more desirable sought-after outsourcing partner to both individuals big or small to enable timely statutory compliances in all accounting HR Financial advisory functions as well.
Functional accounting applications used in house visavis clients to recreate documents through FTP Software to client server online or offshore. Conventional or tailor-made outsourced function is the key of our specialty success. New skill setup, optimization to core business environment added hand on reliability on information statements enhanced faster and better output in core business compatibility reduce cost, save in-house expert professional job to complete faster and accurate quality output.